Cocoa Logo

Cocoa Kitchen is a concept store that revolves around a simple mono ingredient. A restaurant with a delicious menu to show the world that Cocoa can be a starter and main course ingredient and not just the dessert we’re all accustomed to.

Cacao nibs are versatile when used in savory cooking and can be introduced at any point in the recipes to lend their distinct flavor. The menu celebrates the flavorful cacao nib as it draws inspiration from successful fusion with a wide variety of ingredients.

Our Chef

James McDonald

Head ChefJames completed extensive Chef training in his homeland of Australia before moving to the UK in 2005. Here, he put his well-honed skills to work in some of London’s premium restaurants, boasting a host of Michelin stars and Rosettes, including The Greenhouse, La Noisette and the esteemed La Petite Maison.


Of course cocoa in its more recognizable form of chocolate, will be the main inspiration for the desserts.

When it comes to beverages, why not enjoy a bit of Mexico with our Cacao Lavado originating from Oaxaca?
Prepared with the cacao nibs and nuts and spices of your choice, grinded and used as a unique paste to make our famous Cacao Lavado, you can have this delicious drink hot or cold, sweet or bitter.

In the heart of Dubai

Cocoa Kitchen is the first cocoa cuisine restaurant in the UAE. The first mono ingredient restaurant sets a new trend in taking Cocoa to the next level and ensuring that the dining experience though not always sweet, can be exceptional with subtle hints and generous dashes of Cocoa!